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Size 0 Fat Burner Review

Size 0 is a weight loss pill marketed by Size 0 Labs, targeted at women and sold in retail stores like GNC.  With common ingredients we cannot ascertain anything special about the Size 0 diet pill.  Rather the Size 0 ‘fat burning’ ingredients are similar to those found in other female weight loss pills.

The Size 0 marketing weight loss claims include ‘fat burning’, ‘beauty complex’ designed to improve natural beauty and an ‘estrogen support complex’.  With an extra large list of ingredients, Size 0 Labs clearly is covering as many marketing and ingredient uses it can.  The official Size o website has no data any of the science behind the Size 0 diet product nor are there any testimonials either.  And so many of the Size 0 ingredients are provided is such low quantities that they cannot possible provide a significant and real weight loss effect.

Size 0 ingredients

Weight-Loss Support Blend (Thermogenic/Metabolic Accelerator): Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract, Yerba Mate Root Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Cordia Salicifolia Extract, Cocoa Extract, Taurine, Citrus Naringin. Appetite Support Complex (Food Craving Support Nutrients): Hoodia Gordonii, Smiting Jojoba Seed Extract, Griffonia simplicifolia Seed Extract. Beauty Support Blend (Hair, Skin and Nails Nutrients) Horsetail Leaf Extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Choline, Silica, Inositol, Biotin, L-Cysteine, L-Methionine, Coenzyme Q10, Chamomile Flower Leaf Extract. Estrogen Support Complex (Hormonal Balancing Nutrients): Chaste Tree Berry, Daidzein, Dong Quai Root, Vitex Angus Castus. Other Ingredients: Di Calcium Phosphate, Magnesium Stearate, Stearic Histrene, Maltodextrin, Plasdone 29/32 USP, Acesulfame-K, Beta Cyclodextrin.

The more interesting ingredients in Size 0 include:  Caffeine anhydrous, Green tea extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract (Coffee made from green unroasted coffee beans). There are two key types of compounds in unroasted coffee beans. The first is caffeine and the second is chlorogenic acid and its related compounds.  Currently, there are no clinical studies on green coffee extract’s weight loss effects on humans.  Cordia Salisifolia Extract, also known as Cha de Bugre, is becoming a common ingredient in weight loss products and supplements.  Naringin Citrus Extract, found in grapefruit, an antioxidant and antifungal.  Cocoa extract, probably included as a mood enhancer. Included is a blend of Hoodia gordonii, jojoba seed extract and Griffonia simplicifolia seed extract.  A blend of biotin, collagen, choline, horsetail leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, inositol, l-cycsteine, l-methionine, coenzyme Q10, silica, and chamomile flower leaf extract.  Estrogen Support Complex: A blend of chaste tree berry, daidzen, dong quai root and vitex agnus castus.

Much of the ingredients appear to be in a low quantity to provide any significant weight loss effect. For example, the appetite support complex only contains 17 mg of ingredients per pill. Most weight loss products incorporating genuine Hoodia gordonii, for example, contain 500 mg or more of the appetite suppressant. Other complexes are even less potent. The beauty support complex contains 11 mg of ingredients and the estrogen support complex a mere 4 mg.

Size 0 side effects
There are several stimulants in the Size 0 diet product. The caffeine, green coffee bean, green tea and Cha de Bugre all include, stimulants that have been reported to cause jitters, headaches, nausea, stomach problems and other health issues in some users.

Size 0 directions

Size 0 recommends taking 1-2 tablets, 2-3 times daily, 30 minutes before your meal , with an extra large helping of a whopping 16 oz of water. Begin use with a lower dose to assess tolerance.  Size 0 also recommends it be used in conjunction with a calorie reduced calorie diet and regular exercise. 

Size zero diet pill review summary

Limited information about Size 0 on the website.  Size 0 contains very low levels of many ingredients.  There is no contact address for Size 0, usually a red flag.  Size 0 has performed poorly in some consumer reviews.  Size 0 has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  The quality and concentrations of Size 0’s ingredients has not been certified by an independent laboratory.  There is very little information about the product or company on the Size 0 website.  The testimonials and scientific support sections of the Size 0 website are under construction.

Size 0 contact information

The official Size 0 website, at, bottom of the page reads 2007. There is no contact address for the manufacturer, always a red flag. Contact telephone numbers are: 1-877-67 SIZE 0 (877-677-4930) or 561-253-9272.

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